Bruno Roelants

Consultant in cooperatives and international development – Former Director General of the International Cooperative Alliance (April 2018 – February 2023)

As former Director General of the International Cooperative Alliance, i have had the privilege of working in partnership with Daniela Bas over the last five years while she was working at UN DESA. 


During this period, I have had the chance to fully appreciate Daniela’s capacity to catch the essence of the various issues we have dealt with together, and propose concrete steps to manage them. I could also appreciate Daniela’s commitment to contributing to building a better world. It has been a real pleasure working with her and she has provided a significant contribution to the promotion of cooperatives within the UN system.

Kentaro Kuroiwa

Senior Director, Private Equity Dept, M&A Dept at Marubeni America Corporation

As a Sr. Director working for a Corporation I could appreciate Daniela very sophisticated and yet powerful leadership. She is cultural sensitive and inclusive people oriented with purpose and she is an actual “DOer”. 


She has navigated diverse teams to tackle and get results in  complex tasks. She is a great communicator and has the ability to create connections and networks. Indeed an influencer with high moral.

John O’Toole

Regional Adviser at United Nations

Daniela Bas is a highly skilled senior manager. She has significant expertise in advancing sustainable development at national, regional and global levels. She is a kind, thoughtful and caring colleague. She has great insight and sees straight to the heart of the situation, with tremendous positivity and emotional intelligence.

Anders Lindberg

Founder på Tilia Strategisk Rådgivning & Förvaltning AB

Daniela has a profound understanding of what shapes and define the worlds trends in inclusion and global cooperation, a unique network and next-to-none talent in communications.

Stefania Ricchieri

Titolare presso Studio Ricchieri – Bologna

Quando ho conosciuto Daniela ho avuto subito la sensazione di essere di fronte ad una persona speciale. In questi anni ho avuto modo di apprezzare l’impegno, la tenacia e la professionalità di una donna sempre pronta a regalare un sorriso. E’ stata una pioniera nella battaglia riguardo a temi che anche grazie al suo contributo sono diventati di attualità.